The Unsatisfied By Ayşe Tekşen

Everybody’s asking

for something.

Some ask for soup,

some for a warm bed;

some want a child,

some your life,

and some your death.

You find yourself stuck

among those hands

reaching towards your throat,

ready and greedy

for tearing your skin apart.

When the time comes

to share your flesh and bones,

the conflict starts.

Who will get that right thigh?

Who will get the breasts?

Wonderful for smoked brisket

says the old lady;

the old gentleman

with the walking stick

manages to grab the upper arm

and yanks at it.

It is perfect for the grill he says.

But you’re never enough.

Everyone leaves with

what they could get,

unsatisfied with this

late night bargain.

Ayşe Tekşen lives in Ankara, Turkey where she works as a research assistant at the Department of Foreign Language Education, Middle East Technical University. Her short stories and poems have been included in Gravel, After the Pause, The Write Launch, Uut Poetry, The Fiction Pool, What Rough Beast, Scarlet Leaf Review, Seshat Literary Magazine, Neologism Poetry Journal, Anapest, and Red Weather. Her work has also appeared or is forthcoming in Constellations, Jaffat El Aqlam, The Paragon Journal, and Ohio Edit.