A Word from the Editors

Hello, and Welcome to the 2018 Fall Issue of Willow.

In this issue we have some wonderful poetry about race and language from Shirley Jones-Lucas, some great imagery from the poet, Holly Day, and some fantastic fiction from Fiona Goggin, among other stirring poems and stories from female identified authors. We only hope your as pleased to read it as we are to publish it.

This year has been a rollercoaster for many. Every where the seems to be a rise of nationalism, of hate crimes, of wage inequality. A young girl gets raped, and the judge uses her underwear against her. Police brutality remains unchecked and unpunished. But not everything is bad. In the United States Elections, a record number of women and queer identifying people have been elected into office. Sexual intercourse between two males was decriminalized in India.  Despite the hurdles, things move forward. When we come together as a community, when we make our voices heard, things get better. In the spirit of coming together, we’d like you to join us in welcoming another editor on board this issue, Bridgette Lewis. Bridgette is a wonderful friend, writer, and activist, and we’re pleased to have her, and I, personally, am pleased to work alongside her.

Thank you for your time, and please enjoy the Issue.

Couri Johnson, Co-editor


I know a woman who refuses to call herself a feminist. However, she believes in equality and empowering other women…


The point is she doesn’t want the negative connotations of the term “feminist” to follow her. It’s something so simple, but it shouldn’t be like that. She should be allowed to express her beliefs free from any judgement or ridicule.


This is the smallest example of women tiptoeing through society just to feel safe. At Willow, there is no tiptoeing. Women can express themselves through literature in a way that’s comforting, protecting, and inspirational to themselves and to each other. Here, we can ditch the narrative society keeps writing for us, and create our own. Whether you’re a woman of the working class, a woman of color, genderqueer, or a trans woman, you will be safe, and you will be heard. ✊🏾

-Bridgette Lewis, Co-Editor